Frequently Asked Questions

Stellapod Energy Technologies Pty Ltd (Stellapod) is an Australian international technology company that designs, develops and sells new technology and consumer electronics. Stellapod mainly focuses on the devlopment of solar technology, energy systems and power charging devices.

Stellapod is known for designing, develping, manufacturing and selling power storage units and power charging devices. It mainly consisit of our Emergency Chargers which are made from biodegradable materials. We also have projects active for developing new thin film solar/photovoltaic cells which is funded by the sales of our products.

5x One Time Use Disposable Power Banks in tear away packaging.

As an energy technology company we are committed to developing new ways of storing and harvesting energy. Our Solar Project aims to develop new thin film solar/photovoltaic cells that utilize graphene that can adpat and adjust to its surrounding envriroment. This Solar Project is targeted for more agricultural purposes. 


You can contact us at [email protected] Unforunately we do not offer mobile support yet.

Yes, we ship globally! You are able to visit our shipping page for more information on how we fulfil your order or visit our policies and T&C's for international customers.

Unfortunately our products are not eligible for AfterPay. We are working hard on fixing this issue. We will be sure to let you know when we finally offer AfterPay

The charging speed is 500mAh (0.5A) which is equivalent to half the standard charge rate for mobile devices. The Emergency Power Banks have been developed like this for safety measures considering they are designed to be carried in your pocket, bag, purse etc.

Yes! The Emergency Power Banks are designed to be for your mobile device. They goes through a high amount of testing and certifications to ensure product quality and safety standards which include CE, ROHS, SAA C-tick and FCC certification.

All iOS (Apple) devices that use the Lightning 8 pin charger.

All Android devices that use the Micro-USB charger.

All Type-C charging devices

We estimate 20% depending on your device model and what your usage is whilst it is charging. We recommend turning your device on a power save setting and using your device as little as possible whilst chagring. Following these instructions may give your device up to an extra 10 % charge. 

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